artwork by Mikyong Rodgers

Renowned Canadian Playwright
Morley Shulman 


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                 Revolutionary Gentleman
                               The Rock Opera                 
                                                                  Book, music & lyrics by Steven W Rodgers  
                             THE ROCK OPERA                                                               Additional lyrics by Wendy Christopher

Revolutionary Gentleman
                          a rock opera

 cast of 10 (4m,6w)         100-minute running time        26 songs

                    book, music & lyrics by
                          Steven W Rodgers

A tongue-in-cheek, behind-the-scenes look at the American Revolution as seen through the eyes of Benedict Arnold.  A cross between Little Shop of Horrors and Jesus Christ Superstar. Based on true events.

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 contact:  Steven W Rodgers     [email protected]      703-785-4141

 selected songs with lyrics:

Revolutionary Gentleman

It’s time to start a revolution, If I just knew how
All I see surrounding me are faces of despair
Is it possible for me to keep their hopes alive
When death is everywhere?
Am I a revolutionary gentleman
Just like all the papers say,
Or can it be I’m just an ordinary man?
Can I carve us out a nation one day?
Would these sunshine patriots know how to fight a war?
Or at the sound of English cannon would they all retreat?
Who am I to lead them all against a mighty power
And save this nation from defeat?
I’m not a revolutionary gentleman,
As all the history books will say
I’m nothing more than just a man content to know
A grateful nation will remember him some day.
We would not have survived without you
None of us here would be alive without you
Just look at where we are—
we never would’ve made it this far
Without you….without you…                            
We would not have survived without you          
(never would’ve made it without you)
None of us here would be alive without you                      
(Never would’ve made it without you)
Just look at where we are—
we never would’ve made it this far
Without you…without you…
Never would’ve made it, never would’ve made it
Never would’ve made it without you, etc.
…’Cause you’re a revolutionary gentleman,
Just like all the papers say
With you to lead us, we know we’ll soon be free
You’ll be known throughout the world some day.  

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  principal singer:  Ian Charles
  featured musician: Paul Bell (guitar)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
Ben questions his own ability to lead the men and women through Quebec in the dead of winter.           photo by Julia MacInnis


You likely think that Ben’s a traitor,
But all of that would come much later
He’d not yet begun to hatch his plan
You might be surprised to find
Benedict had been assigned                 
To become the military’s second-in-command
Still some people came to hate him,
Wanted to annihilate him
Always hateful things to say.
Didn’t want him standing in their way
Envy and greed were all pervasive.
Many had hoped to take the place of
This future commander-in-chief
Gave him nothing but grief
Ben could be unsavory, too,
But what’s all that to do with you?
He surely wasn’t loyal to the king!
Furthermore, here’s the latest:
Ben could have been the greatest        
Patriot this country had ever seen, but…
The local head authority
Made it his priority
To undermine the man
Didn’t want him in command at all
Reed was the master of corruption
He wouldn’t tolerate disruptions
To his master plan—a despicable man.
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  principal singer:  Liz Colandene
  featured musicians: Paul Bell (guitar) & Young Devereaux (sax)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
Emily suggests that the audience keep an open mind about Benedict Arnold. 
photo by Julia MacInnis

I Can Live With That

What have you got in the papers?
You never have anything good
Sir, don’t blame the messenger! I did the best that I could!
General Arnold’s horse was shot                        
Is that all you’ve got? If you’d only tell me
Arnold was shot too!                                                                   

The general survived the encounter
Just my luck, of course
He was shot, too
                                     Reed (hopeful)
Was it fatal?
At least it was for the horse!
This is all so devastating!  No one is cooperating
But he may never walk again!
Not dead, but crippled!  I can live with that!
Your generosity is where it’s at!
I can live with that
Maybe now people won’t treat you like a doormat
Josephine, have you seen how I never get a break?
How much more’s a man to take, but I can live with that
Watching people suffer is where it’s at!
General Arnold’s down and out!
Survival of the fittest is what it’s all about
Josephine, if you could see how hard this war has been on me!
                                    Josephine & Muses
If you hadn’t gotten older, you might still be a soldier
Think of all that they go through and be glad
It’s not still happening to you!
Some men are just born lucky. For me, life is so unfair
When they signed that famous declaration,
Sadly, I wasn’t there.
They forgot to invite me, and then, just to spite me
John Hancock signed his name so big
There was no room left for mine!  
But I can live with that, all my life, I have been rejected
                                    Josephine & Muses
Don’t complain,
Someday you’d like a statue of you to be erected   
Josephine, do you feel I have an irresistible appeal?
                                    Josephine (laughing hysterically)
Oh, you were serious?
                                    Reed (shrugging)
I can live with that
Even though he’s feeling quite dejected
I can live with that
After all, he’s come to expect it
Josephine, if you could see how hard my life has been for me
You must be optimistic
…and a little less sadistic
                                      Reed, Josephine & Muses
Then somewhat better days may be on their way!

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  principal singers:  David Merrill & Jackie Madejski
  featured musician: Paul Bell (guitar)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
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Reed is distraught to learn that Benedict Arnold is still so popular, while his own popularity is on the decline.           photo by Julia MacInnis

Revolutionary Wives

 featured musicians: Paul Bell (guitar), Erin Snedecor (cello)
  music composed & arranged by Steven W Rodgers   
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Composer Steven W Rodgers at Cue Studios, laying down a piano track for Revolutionary Wives.    photo by Mikyong Rodgers
General Arnold’s the man of the hour,
Thanks to him, we are back in power
I’m pleased to honor him tonight,
He may be down and out
But he’ll soon rejoin the fight
Don’t be fooled,
Ben needs no consolation,
Watch him rebound             
He’s the future of our nation
Some day, this man in front of you
May well be livin’ on Pennsylvania Avenue! 
We think that you
Should have a statue                             
Yet how could they capture
Someone of your stature?
…it’s a mystery!
Such great reviews!

For him!

It’s really kinda funny
Look at you! 

It's rather grim!

They only praise you for your money
We must keep him in his place,
It’s time they found out
He is nothing but another pretty face!
And we trust you
But if you must, you
Will rejoin the fight,
You’re our guiding light!  
We admire your loyalty!
He’ll soon be back in the heat of battle.

Just Another Pretty Face

  principal singers:  Rex Grigg & Juanita Blankumsee
  featured musicians: Paul Bell (guitar) & Young Devereaux (sax)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
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When Benedict Arnold is wounded in battle, George Washington gives him command of the city of Philadelphia as military governor, much to the delight of its citizens.      photo by Julia MacInnis
Peggy’s over there,
Always been so glamorous
She’s with John,
They’re both acting awfully amorous
That was long before the two of us had met
Even I was known to have my tete-a-tetes
When my wife died
I was beside myself with grief
Filled with gloom.
Locked up in my room
Wouldn’t come out till dinner time.
Yeah yeah yeah
Then she appeared
Betsy Dubois was the answer to my prayers
As if she cares!
I spent days on a letter sure to win her heart
Your charms, madam,
have lighted a flame in my heart
Shoo be doo wah  wah shoo be doo wah
Don’t wanna spend another moment apart!
When will our courtship finally start?
                      Muse 1
Well that’s so sweet,
but he’ll have to take a back seat
                      Muse 2
He’s all the rage
                      Muse 1
But he’s twice my age
                      Muse 3
You’ve heard the talk
he can hardly walk
And may stay that way
Thank goodness, this letter still is intact
Shoo be do wah, wah, shoo be do wah
 Just don’t give it to another
Only an ass would be so crass
                     Muses & Emily
To use the same lines on a back up lover

Back Up Lover

  principal singers:  Scott Raneri, Liz Colandene & Juanita Blankumsee
  featured musician: Paul Bell (guitar) & Young Devereaux
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
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Flattered, yet bemused, Betsy Dubois reads Ben's latest love letter as her friend looks on: "Your charms, madam, have lighted an inextinguishable flame in my heart..." photo by Julia MacInnis
Is this how it starts,
With a game of hearts
Passed like a gift of good will between men?
Our love’s so unorthodox,
I’m like my little music box
 Open up my heart and I will play for you again
You run from the nights full of shadows,
I am your flame in the dark
                          Peggy & Ben
Close all the doors and hold in the light
The rest of the world cannot touch us tonight
Someday you’ll be…forever with me
I know all too well
Morning will break the spell
Duty will call and then I will let you go
Yet here you’re safe from all the lies
And when I look into your eyes
There they are those secrets
Only we will ever know
When the day is over and the sun goes down
Look for a flame in the dark
                            Peggy and Ben
Close all the doors and hold in the light
The rest of the world cannot touch us tonight
Someday you’ll be forever with me      
You will stay safe and warm,
Lying here in my arms
Nobody sees through the windows
We are just flames in the dark…in the dark
                             Peggy and Ben
Close all the doors and hold in the light
The rest of the world cannot touch us tonight
 Someday you’ll be forever with me

Flame in the Dark

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  principal singers:  Ian Charles & Julia Nightingale
  featured musician: Kevin White (piano)
  music: Steven W Rodgers   lyrics: Wendy Christopher
Ben assures Peggy that he will always be there for her.
photo by Julia MacInnis
We have a crisis,
Its name is Benedict
What rock did he crawl out from under?
He is nothing but a derelict
He’s getting married to an ally of the king
Rumor now has it
she’s already even had a fling
She’s been sneaking out late at night
To some English officer’s delight
How long before he wants even more
Hold onto your seats
the sparks are about to ignite
You can’t be serious
You must be delirious
These rumors are slander,
He’s our best commander
Stave off the bleeding,
Save this nation while you can
I’ve never doubted him
He has always been my right hand man!
But we have a crisis,
As of now, it’s not too late
When your right hand’s diseased
You have no choice but to amputate!
He entertains the English every night,
For enemies they seem rather tight
What undeniable rapport!
Someone needs to tell them
We’re supposed to be at war!
You are naïve
If you believe
This suspicious behavior means
                           Reed + Josephine
Nothing at all….
With him around we are all doomed to fall

We Have a Crisis

  principal singers:  David Merrill & Jackie Madejski
  featured musician: Paul Bell (guitar)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
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Long before Benedict Arnold had considered defecting, Reed and Josephine plant seeds of doubt in Washignton's mind about his loyalty to the cause. photo by Julia MacInnis
On the day Ben and Peggy wed
They came home to find

John asleep in their bed,
And although she said:

He means nothing to me
                              Ben (aside)
Still I couldn’t get it out of my head
More than once, he saw her write
A letter to John in the dead of night; she said:
It’s my mother, poor dear is dying
                               Ben  (aside)
But since she was already dead
I knew she must be lying!
Still, he tried his best to please her
 Which wasn’t an easy thing to do
This house cost more than I can afford
                             Peggy & Emily
And every day she’d/I’d buy
another pair of shoes
Though Peggy felt she had it bad
They did what they could
on what little they had
If we/they ran out of money
we’d/they’d borrow more
Till the creditors came knocking at their door

The Honeymoon

  principal singers:  Liz Colandene, Julia Nightingale & Scott Raneri
  featured musician: Paul Bell (guitar) & Erin Snedecor (cello)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
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Benedict Arnold doesn't have quite the honeymoon he'd envisioned, when John Andre, his young bride's lover (and British intelligence officer) crashes the party.    photo by Julia MacInnis
                             Reed & Josephine
We must find a way to bring him down
Tired of playing second fiddle
While he’s the talk of the town
Sir, we might have to face facts
Arnold may be above reproach
Luckily there are qualities of evil
To be found in every man
He borrowed an army wagon
In my book, that’s called  ‘theft’
Soldiers died under his command
Leaving so many young widows bereft
Anything can seem underhanded
                            Reed & Josephine
….if you only try!!!
 He went out one night, to have a drink
We’ll tell everyone he’s a drunk!
His followers will turn against him
When they see how low he’s sunk
You are the most deliciously evil man I’ve ever known
No time for compliments right now...I’m on a roll
He let a ship’s captain enter port
without a current pass

He’s endangering all of us! 
What a depraved, diabolical ass!
                             Ben (angrily entering)
Reed, these charges are trumped up!
Fake media’s at it again!
See how he acts? 
Why,  they’re not lies—they’re just…. uh…
…. Alternative facts!
                              Reed and Josephine
You are the one who demanded
a hearing for your crimes
Couldn’t stand to think what we’d be saying
Behind your back all the time
You wanted this trial, you couldn’t let it rest
That wouldn’t be your style,
so now you’re our captive guest
I couldn’t let it go without putting up a fight
My silence would be deafening!
People might start to believe you were right
Your honor, this man was offered command
Of the left wing of the army
It really alarmed me!
                              Reed & Josephine
We must work diligently to prevent
General Arnold from becoming our first president!
Though  it seems unlikely, can you just imagine?
Some day in the future
Even stranger things may happen!

Alternative Facts

  principal singers:  David Merrill & Jackie Madejski
  featured musicians: Paul Bell (guitar), Young Devereaux (sax)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
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Reed and Josephine conjure up exaggerated charges against their nemesis, Benedict Arnold, in an attempt to destroy his stellar reputation.    photo by Julia MacInnis
If you only knew what I would do
You might not have been quite so quick to condemn
A curious sight, you coming here today to fight
The charges were such trivialities
I was certain that you would be on my side. 
You didn’t find me innocent
Oh well, we tried!
Yet everyone here (everyone here)
Is wondering why  (wondering why)
I’m left wondering why you chose me to crucify
                                Muses (overlapping)
You allowed yourself to be crucified
If you let it go                       
Everyone will know
You’re the hero that you’ve longed to be
That’s not done so easily.
But if this is a reason
To commit some kind of treason
                                Ben & Muses
A redcoat is the only thing they’ll see.

Jurors' Remorse

  principal singers:  Ian Charles & Juanita Blankumsee
  featured musician: Kevin White (piano)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
  additional lyrics:  Wendy Christopher
Ben is brought to trial on charges so trivial as that he once borrowed an old army wagon to haul furniture.    
photo by Julia MacInnis
I think I sense some hesitation
Tell me, what’s the complication?
It’s not that easy to agree
to betray a man who’s put his trust in me
This is no time for sentiment, you know that he….
 Must be put down so that we all can stay standing
 So that we all can stay standing
Now that West Point is under your command
It’s time for you to lend a helping hand
Now with you firmly in place there
The british wouldn’t have any danger to face there
Before the first shot’s fired
You can just announce that
You’re so horribly outnumbered,
Your men wouldn’t stand a chance!
Just remember that we’re all in this together
We can weather the storm if we hang together
 …or surely we will all hang separately
…from a tree
                            John and peggy
Yes, surely we will all hang separately…
From a tree…eee…..eee…hee!
And in a hundred years or so
Just think of all the stories that will be told
About a man who agreed to help his country out…
…for ten thousand pounds in gold!
Just surrender west point—we’ll pay!
Don’t you know?—
That’s the american way
                             Peggy & John
Yeah, that’s the american way!
We caught on fast, we learned just how it’s done
In fact, nearly all our under-handed ways,
We learned from Americans!
You’ll be some kind of hero
...With pay!!
You catch on fast!
                             Peggy & John
That’s the American way!
Yeah, that’s the American way!
Our day for retribution’s come at last
The day I dread, I fear will come too fast.
This is our greatest moment yet
The king will be forever in our debt!
But when it’s over how will I forget?
Will I be doomed, always to remember
I turned my back on my nation…. forever?

The American Way

Play Song
  principal singers:  Jason Yungmann & Megan Clawson
  featured musician: Paul Bell (guitar)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
 Peggy and John attempt to persuade Ben to switch sides in the war.    
  photo by Julia MacInnis

Well finally came the day
When treason would pay
And John dropped in on Ben for a final meeting
Then Peggy joined the boys
And they all heard a noise
And they looked out the window
to see John’s ship retreating
                                Emily & Peggy
Americans were firing on them
Their sense of timing couldn’t have been worse!
Americans were strutting their stuff
Decided it was time to finally get tough
And now they were clearly engaging the English
in battle
John’s ship was hit, and it went down
                                Peggy  (to John)
That ship was your ride outta town!
Now he was up a creek without a paddle!
John had no choice but to go by land,
He hoped Peggy would understand
But he clearly heard the battle cry,
And public transit was in short supply
                                Ben (to John)
Now there is just one thing left to decide:
What color coat you should wear on your ride
That red coat will be seen a mile away!
Why not wear one of Ben’s coats instead?
You’re a sitting duck …wearing bright red! 
I don’t want you to
                               Peggy & Emily
…lose your head!
 It may be true
That if I wear blue
Ben’s uniform will help me to get by…
                               Peggy and Emily
 …the Americans!
But if instead
I wear red
Then if I’m caught
I won’t be thought … a spy
 …and we all know the penalty for that!
                                 John & Ben
 When you’re caught by the charms
Of a beautiful woman in your arms
 There’s no refusing anything she asks of you!
Who could resist a girl with such pretty eyes?
Even if it meant his early demise
 So John gave in and wore Ben’s coat of blue
 She wanted me to!
Yet I can’t help but wonder what role I played
 Or how I’ll be portrayed.

Up a Creek

  principal singers:  Liz Colandene, Carlos Ramirez & Julia Nightingale
  featured musician: Paul Bell (guitar), Will Allen (trumpet)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
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Emily narrates the important final meeting between Ben and John, before putting their plan into action.    photo by Julia MacInnis
The midnight ride is drawing near
The moment I feared is suddenly here
Suddenly here
And what will history have to say
When you have long since
                               Peggy & John
Gone away….         
When I’ve gone away.
What were we dreaming of?
How can we keep our world from closing in so fast?
Life is such a sad dream
Illusions that were never made to last
The midnight ride may be my last,
The moment I feared has now come to pass
It’s come at last.
Ironically this night will only be
a minor footnote
                                Peggy & John
…in history
...but not for me
Honey it’s funny, it seems almost
like I’m sayin’ goodbye for the last time
But it’s past time
                               Peggy & John
To go…so…goodbye

I hope I see you some day soon
Well here’s your lunch,
Now don’t forget to stop and eat at noon
And don’t you talk to strangers on the way
No, don’t you talk to no strangers, oh, yeah.
 Don't let me catch you talkin’ to no strangers,
oh ho, oh ho….
It's gonna be a long and lonely ride
Lord, I only wish I knew which side
You were on, in this war
They say that England will win but who really knows?
Only you can guarantee how it goes,
Who are you fighting for?
I’m just a redcoat who could use a little rest             
if you know a place I can go                                   
To escape this hellish mess
Then give me that address,
Whoa, yeah gimme that address, whoa                   

What’s that address?
What’s that address?               
What a mess
Give him that address
Too much stress!
He could use a holiday!  

If you could find another poor soul        
Who'd make the ride and who'd do what he's told  
Well then, I’d hardly object                                    

No one would object
 Just say the word and I'll step aside
I’d let my own grandmother
make this long ride!  I'm an emotional wreck!

Find his grandma!

I’m just a poor man who could use a little rest       
If you know a place I can go                                   
To escape this hellish mess                                      
Then give me that address
Gimme that address, oh yeah , etc.             

oh, dear lord, God above                                         
Only you know what a man will do for love
I didn't have to come here tonight          
But what else could I do?                                                
She was the love of my life   
I've never minded                                                    
Helping damsels in distress                                     
But saving a nation                                                 
Is just a little bit harder, I’d guess      

 Gives him too much stress
Shoo bop, shoo ding-a-ling!

I’m still waitin' for that address!
Gimme that address, whoa                                     
Shoo bop, shoo ding-a-ling 
                                                                                                                              John & Muses
Give me/him that address!

The Midnight Ride / Gimme That Address

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  principal singers:  Julia Nightingale & Carlos Ramirez
  featured musicians: Paul Bell (guitar) & Erin Snedecor (cello)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
Reed is consoled by the Muses as he travels through enemy territory, wearing Ben's Continental Army uniform.    photo by Julia MacInnis
Sir, I don’t mean to disturb you
This had better be good,
I need my sleep to look enchanting
Oh, if only you could!
We  caught a redcoat on the border,
General Arnold signed the order
No more can they turn a blind eye
We’ve captured a spy!
Can it be true?—
I stumbled on a way to sabotage their rendevous?
General Arnold’s demise…is long overdue
And best of all,
Washington will have to pay me a little call
When he finds out I was right after all
What a thrill it’ll be to see him crawl!
                             Josephine (to Reed)
And let’s not kid ourselves—
Things aren’t looking better for you
We don’t often put English spies to death
But there’s always an exception to the rule
And we’d be happy to make the exception…for you.
These papers that you've got
Are the only things that you need
to abort this sordid plot
We finally have the chance to watch you bleed      
What a lucky break for us that you’ve been caught
And now it’s clear
Arnold’s not a risk to my once flourishing career
They may name the capital for me
What a thrill to visit Reed, D.C.!           
People will be stopping you on the street
just to get your autograph
You can say you’re undeserving of all of this fame
But I’ll charge them fifteen shillings, all the same
Oh lah dee day, etc.
                             Reed & Josephine
General Arnold’s demise is overdue!   Ole!

General Arnold's Demise

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  principal singers:  David Merrill & Jackie Madejski
  featured musician: Paul Bell (guitar)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
Reed and Josephine gleefully inform Reed that he will hang as a spy, after he is captured, carrying a pass signed by Benedict Arnold, and wearing Ben's Continental uniform.    photo by Julia MacInnis
 No tears tonight,
No strength to fight,
Another night….without him
I loved him so,
He scared me, though,
What did I know……about him?
He took all the love I could give
But what did that leave me with?
I must be strong,
Was I so wrong?
The nights are long….without him         
I’ll live this lie
Until I die,
Yet here am I….without him
 Shared love is half a love
And half a love’s not good enough
He said he loved me
But could not see I’d always be……without him
And now it’s late,
Yet still I wait,
This is my fate…without him
Where can I go,
Now that I know
 I’ll always be…so lost without…..his love?

Without Him

  principal singers  Ashley Park
  featured musician: Erin Snedecor (cello)
  music: Steven W Rodgers   lyrics: Wendy Christopher 
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 Peggy laments the death of her lover, John, after he hangs for treason.    
  photo by Julia MacInnis
Come gather round, listen to a sad tale
The day Ben found out his plans had all failed
It’s not always easy to admit defeat
When you become obsolete!
If things are as bleak as they appear
He really should choose another career
Who wants to be hangin’ around
A man who’s been crowned
“traitor of the year”
                        Ben (to Peggy) 
I must confess, dear, that things aren't looking good
And I fear nothing’s turned out as it should
Americans have won                                       
They've got us on the run                 
We have no time to lose                                
I fear john andre’s somehow been found out
His part in this seems no longer in doubt
Now Washington’s men are on their way
to see… if they can pin this on me
We won’t stand a chance, surely they will know

So for now, pack your bags, it’s time to go             
But john could well be dead              
Let’s think of us, instead                                             
My God, what lies ahead!?                       
It’s not the kind of life
I was always dreaming of for you
I only did what i had to do
Sleep now, my love, until another day        
Surely no one will suspect the role you played    
But I wouldn’t be  treated mercifully if I stayed 
What kind of general would leave his troops behind?                   
It will be all right,  I’m the one they wish to find
And john’s already dead                                 
So I'll save me, instead to fight another day                
I once knew a man who’d always choose                         
To die many deaths but never to lose                      
God only knows how I could have done any more 
But now, what was everything for?                              
What will you do now?
you may be through now.

Downward Spiral

  principal singers  Juanita Blankumsee, Robert Beard
  featured musician: Kevin White (piano) & Jeff Wolf (drums)
  music & lyrics by: Steven W Rodgers   
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 Peggy The crowd chastises Ben for his leaving his wife behind.    
photo by Julia MacInnis
What makes someone decide to switch
from one team to the next?
The reasons for it sometimes can be quite complex
But if you coach the winning team
Yet nobody holds you in high esteem     
It may finally seem
The time’s come to say goodbye
Try not to let it get you down,
Put out your chin and stand your ground
After all, you must have had a reason,
Even the best of us may find
Often it’s best to change our minds
Who’s to say what is or isn’t treason?
You’ve been set up and been put down,
Nobody’s  been more pushed around
Who reveres you for your achievements?
You won the battles that you fought,
You dared to go where most would not
How could it be they refuse to believe in you?
Try not to let it get you down,
Put out your chin and stand your ground
After all, you must have had a reason
Even the best of us may find
Often it’s best to change our minds
 Who’s to say what is or isn’t treason?
Well suppose a bride has made a promise to be wed
But he’s broke and so she leaves him
For a wealthy man, instead            
Or she needs a better job
So she quits the one she’s got
Don’t think that you’d do any differently ‘cause….
You would not!
Well who is wrong and who is right?
Things don’t always come in  black and white
Often it’s a matter….of  perspective
So if you think you’re off the hook,
Go to the mirror and take a look
Don’t slander someone's name
Unless you know you know you’d  never do the same!

Who's to Say?

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  principal singers:  Liz Colandene
  featured musician: Kevin White (piano)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
Emily admonishes onlookers not to be overly judgmental about Benedict Arnold.    photo by Julia MacInnis
Say have you heard the news?
Washington’s not amused
Ben caught the last boat out of town
You must fend for yourself, he’s left you on the shelf
Ben’s the captain of the ship but
He’s not goin’ down!
If they should ask me deep, probing questions
They won’t get my confessions!
I’ll say that I was shocked and disillusioned
That my husband could have done this to me!
If they come for me, it won’t be a tragedy
I’ll try to keep my composure
Somehow make it plain,
You’ve merely gone insane
One of many loyal patriots who just went nuts!      
In the eighteenth century                                        

Long time, no see

Women weren’t supposed to know much                               
Out of touch                           

They had to act naïve, uneducated                         

Out to lunch                 

Even if it’s true that such behavior                                                                                         
Makes us nauseated
If they accuse you,  tell them how he used you

I never wanted to betray anyone
This is what I’ll gladly confess to anyone: 

 I love my country  / You love your country                 
More than life itself                                      

If I had gone away, I’d be the first to say
“Good-bye, best regards, from Jamaica”
I’d rather get a tan, find me the kind of man,
Who would be
Content to come along and say “I’ll take ya!”
All things considered, if it were up to me
I’d/you’d rather be in Jamaica!

Rather Be in Jamaica

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  principal singers:  Julia Nightingale & Liz Colandene
  featured musician: Paul Bell (guitar) & Young Devereaux (sax)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
Emily helps Peggy pack to make her escape, as Peggy imagines a life without Ben.    photo by Julia MacInnis

The Greatest Hero

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  principal singer:  Robert Beard
  featured musician: Paul Bell (guitar) & Erin Snedecor (cello)
  music & lyrics: Steven W Rodgers   
Now I find no one really wants me
It seems as if my friends
Have all abandoned me forever          
Well who could blame them considering your crime
No one wants to be seen
With the greatest traitor of our time
You’re nothing but a Benedict Arnold
A traitor, through and through
That’s all you’ll ever be, that’s all anyone will see
Why is it no one can recall
I was the greatest hero of them all?
I was a Revolutionary Gentleman
Just like all the papers said
But now itlooks as though no one will recall
That I was the greatest hero of them all!

Emily The ghosts of Ben's past gather round him as he realizes that no one will remember him for the hero that he was.    photo by Julia MacInnis