artwork by Mikyong Rodgers

Renowned Canadian Playwright
Morley Shulman 


Infinity Stage
A publishing House for modern plays and musicals



by H.G. Brown


cast:  7m,2w

90 minutes

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September 1960: a businessman, JJ, on vacation at a cottage in Wisconsin is visited by an elderly colleague who has come to bring him back to Chicago. There is a job to be done, an emergency, that needs his attention.  His fiancé, Carol, and her sister, Candy, are upset by this interruption in their vacation, and after the men leave the sister to question the nature of the business that called JJ away.

The second scene, a warehouse outside Chicago, reveals the nature of JJ’s business – he is an enforcer for the mob.  Apparently two young men are to be roughed up (or worse) by JJ and the three thugs he has brought in for the job. He tells the thugs not to use the phone; if it rings, don’t answer it. Things are not as they seem…

The third scene returns to the cottage in Wisconsin.  One of the young men has driven JJ back to the cottage.  Candy flirts outrageously with him, completely flusters and bemuses him; she decides they will return to Chicago together – what can he say? Alone at last, JJ confesses the nature of his business to Carol.  Then the telephone rings.

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