From left:  Jake Ehrlich, Jackie Madejski and Mike Baker, Jr.  in a scene from Revolutionary Gentleman, April 2017.

From on an original story by Steven W Rodgers and Carolyn Tracy based on the life of Benedict Arnold


Robert Beard
Benedict Arnold

Julie Marie Britt
Peggy Arnold

Mike Baker, Jr.
Mr. Reed

Jackie Madejski

Elizabeth Colandene

Juanita Blankumsee​​

The  Forest Muses

Rana Poindexter Berryman​​

Senobia Smith West

Noah Beye
Maj. John Andre

Alex Siegal
Every Man

Rex Grigg
George Washington

Lily Collier

Elena Runkle

Sherry Lassiter

                                               Performance tracks      Act I

 1. Overture                                               0:00-2:18
wind/footsteps/wolves                          2:18-2:45
     Revolutionary Gentleman                 2:46-6:10
2.   Despicable                                           0:00-1:54
       Street Ambience                                  1:55-2:12
3.   I Can Live With That                           0:00-2:55
      Fireworks/Crowd                                   2:56-3:23
Party Scene                                            3:23-5:07
      Just Another Pretty Face                    5:08-8:10
4.   John and Peggy’s Dance                       0:00-0:31
      When The Moment is Right              0:32-1:26
      Back Up Lover                                     1:27-3:39
5.  Flame in the Dark                                0:00-4:01
6.  We Have a Crisis                                  0:00-2:03
      Wedding Bells/crowd                            2:07-2:14
      The Honeymoon                                 2:14-3:57
      Knocks                                                   3:59-4:03
7.  Day of Reckoning                                0:00-2:07
8.   When The Moment is Right (reprise) 0:00-1:43
9.  Alternative Facts                                  0:00-4:00
10. The Verdict (reprise: I Can Live With That) 0:00-1:31
11.  Jurors’ Remorse                                 0:00-1:56
12.Respect is Only a Red Coat Away    0:00-3:05
      Don’t Egg Benedict On                      3:06-4:42
                                                           Act II
 1. Entr’Acte                                               0:00-2:07
     Revolutionary Wives                         2:10-5:05
     Up a Creek                                          5:13-7:57
2.  Crickets and clock                                0:00-0:18
      The Midnight Ride                            0:00-3:19
      Gimme That Address                       3:19-6:00
3.   Lullabye                                                0:00-0:19
      General Arnold’s Demise                 0:20-2:51
4.   Without Him                                      0:00-2:49
5.  Downward Spiral                               0:00-3:00
      Campfire                                               3:00-4:19
6. Who’s To Say?                                      0:00-2:03
    Rather Be in Jamaica                          2:13-4:50
    Inescapable                                          4:56-7:00
7.  Rain                                                       0:00-0:19
     I’ve Come Undone (reprise of Pretty Face)    0:20-4:22
8. Wind /footsteps/wolves                        0:00-0:17
     The Greatest Hero                             0:17-2:48
9. Curtain Call/Exit Music                         0:00-4:40


piano parts

Alternative Facts​​
Back Up Lover
Day of Reckoning
Don't Egg Benedict On--Ben 
Don't Egg Benedict On--Muse 1
Don't Egg Benedict On--Muse 2
Don't Egg Benedict On--Muse 3
Downward Spiral--Ben and Peggy
Downward Spiral--Muses
Flame in the Dark--Ben 
Flame in the Dark--Peggy 
Gimme That Address--John
Gimme That Address--Muse 1
Gimme That Address-- Muse 2 (with 1 & 3)
Gimme That Address-- Muse 3 (with 1 & 2)
Divisions for The Greatest Hero

Women will sing top staff  measures 20-42   When notes split on measures 36 and 38, Liz and Senobia take bottom notes.

Men sing in unison bottom staff, measures 28-42

Measures 47-59,  all but Ben will sing bottom staff.  For triads, top: Juanita, Noah, Julie, Jackie ........ middle: Senobia, Mike, Rex, Juanita  ...... bottom:  Liz, Alex, Rana
                   (when there are two notes, Senobia and MIke sing top, Rex and Juanita will sing bottom)

​At measures 60 to the end: top staff, top note:     Julie     Jackie   Noah
                                               top staff, bottom note:  Senobia   Mike
                                              bottom staff, top note   Rana  Juanita   Rex
                                              bottom staff, bottom note:   Liz   Bob  Alex

The Greatest Hero
The Honeymoon
I Can Live With That
I'd Rather Be In Jamaica--Emily
I'd Rather Be In Jamaica--Peggy
I've Come Undone
Jurors' Remorse
Just Another Pretty Face--Wash and Jos
Just Another Pretty Face--Muses
The Midnight Ride--Peggy 
The Midnight Ride--John 
Respect is Only a Redcoat Away
Divisions for the title song Revolutionary Gentleman

Group A will sing the top note when the whole company is singing on one staff.

When the staff splits, All Group A will be on the top staff.  When those notes split, Juanita, Rana and Alex will be on top, Senobia and Noah will be on bottom. If there are middles of a triad, Rana please take those.
Group B will sing the bottom note when the whole company is singing on one staff.

When the staff splits, All Group B will on the bottom staff. When those notes split, Julie, Jackie and Rex will be on top (B1), Mike and Liz will be on the bottom, (B2) and Jackie, when there are occasional middle notes of a triad, please take those.
Revolutionary Gentleman--Ben
Revolutionary Gentleman--Group A
Revolutionary Gentleman--Group B1
Revolutionary Gentleman--Group B2
Revolutionary Wives--Peggy
Revolutionary Wives--Muses
Up a Creek
The Verdict (reprise of I Can Live With That)
We Have a Crisis
When The Moment is Right
Without Him--Peggy
Without Him--Emily
 Corrections and Additions

Respect is Only a Redcoat Away

add A flat chord to measure 47

Change D note to D flat on measures 55 and 69

I've Come Undone

measure 66  the notes for "good as" should be reversed, E first then F

measure 67 on word "have, change note from E to F

Revolutionary Gentleman

Add D chord to meas. 30

lyrics cut off on measures 78-80. They should read "here would be alive without you"

add D chord to measure 85 (and write in measure 85 as well)

add lost lyrics on measure 104:  "without"

change F natural to F sharp on meas 117

Add lyric "Ahhhh" top staff measures 121-122

Add high G note on measure 131, top staff for Group A1

Up a Creek

Measure 9, move the D flat note down to a B natural

Add Ab chord to meas 37

Eliminate Eb7 chord from meas 38

Add Db7 chord to meas 39

Change A flat notes to A natural on measures 56 and 57

additional designations:  measures 45-47:  Peggy and John on top, Emily middle, Ben bottom

starting on measure 49, John on top, Ben on bottom

measures 55-56:  Peggy top, Emily middle, Ben bottom

measures 59-60:  Peggy and John top, Emily middle, Ben bottom

The Verdict

Change the 4th note on measure 28 from a G to a Bb  (some ONE)

The Greatest Hero

eliminate measures 64 and 66

add fermata at the end of measure 12

I've Come Undone

change the last line to read "Nothing MUCH at all" and remove the tie there.

measure 66, on the words "good as" please switch the notes so the E comes first then the F

measure 67 on the word have, change note from E to F.