Winners of the
2018 10 x 10 x Infinity
10-Minute Play Festival

Dear Playwrights:  Thank you all for your submissions. It was hearbreaking to have to leave out so many quality works that we have read over the past few months.

Many of the reasons for the selections were based more on technical and logistical considerations, or due to themes, in an effort to avoid overt political, religious and sexual matters--not that there's anything wrong with that! ..... but it just might not have been the right fit this time around.  It's likely in the near future that we will focus on more controversial materials and market the event as such.

In the days ahead, we will be contacting some of those, asking if you would be interested in a publishing arrangement. There were just too many good plays to pass up.

Steven W Rodgers, publisher/producer

Contest Winners

Bard Beyond Belief   by Tony Pelham

The Bench    by Paula Fell

Black Friday    by David MacGregor

Bridge and Tunnel    by Anne Flanagan

Face Time    by Donna Hoke

I Got You, Babe     by Anthony L. Mariani

Just That Sort of Day    by Lawson Caldwell

Regifting    by Steven Korbar

Surprise!     by Michael Perlmutter

The Unfortunate Teller    by Jeff Dunne